Medical Cannabis And IBD: What You Need To Know

Evidence is accruing that medical cannabis has the potential to positively impact the symptoms of those suffering from IBD and, according to the Canadian Digestive Health Foundation (CDHF), 15-20% of patients in Canada and the US already use medical cannabis to relieve their IBD symptoms.


You Have Options With Spectrum Cannabis

Spectrum Cannabis is dedicated to making sure your supply of medicinal products is never disrupted. This means providing you with options and alternatives when it comes to selecting your cannabis.


Dedicated To A Consistent Medical Cannabis Supply

Supply shortages. Two words that no one wants to hear when it comes to their medication. Since the legalization of cannabis for non-medical use, however, news coverage has shown extensive supply shortages that impact both recreational and medical consumers.


We Believe Patients Need Doctors

Today is an exciting day as access to cannabis for non-medical use becomes legal for Canadians. Among the many positive aspects of cannabis legalization is how it brings the conversation into the open. We look forward to the acceptance, reduction of stigma, and opportunity for increased knowledge that legalization brings. Now that recreational cannabis is legal, it is just as important that you continue to manage your care and treatment with your healthcare professional.


For you, Oct. 17 is just another day

For medical cannabis customers like you, October 17 (the date that recreational cannabis becomes legal) won’t significantly change the way you order and receive the Spectrum Cannabis products you have come to rely on. To address any questions you have about how the legalization of recreational cannabis affects you and to better meet your needs, we are extending the hours of Customer Care for medical patients from 6 am to 10 pm EST, 7 days a week.


Small change, big difference

Spectrum Cannabis is committed to providing our patients with consistent and clear access to the medical cannabis products they need. Therefore, we have introduced a small change to the way in which you order that will simplify your experience.


Weeding out Stigma and Cultivating Evidence

When Vincent Maida began prescribing medical cannabis to his patients in Toronto 20 years ago, he was pioneering a treat...


8 Tips for Staying Safe

Important things you should know.


How to Register with Spectrum Cannabis

Want to become a medical cannabis customer? You can, in 4 simple steps.