Spectrum Cannabis Denmark

Spectrum Cannabis aims to create improved quality of life for patients by the use of medical cannabis.

We want to produce and import medical cannabis, with a particular focus on evidence, quality and safety. That's why we continually invest in research and work with approved, quality-assured products manufactured under conditions that are controlled and approved by the Danish Medicines Agency.

The trial scheme

January 1, 2018 marked the start of the four-year Danish trial scheme for the treatment of patients with medical cannabis. A framework has thereby been created to help a number of patient groups and generate new knowledge and further evidence of the efficacy of medical cannabis.


It's important for us to be part of the collaboration between patients, doctors, researchers and manufacturers. That's why we will gladly share our knowledge and discuss the potential as well as any potential challenges of medical cannabis.


During the trial scheme, Spectrum Cannabis obtained a permit from the Danish Medicines Agency to cultivate and develop cannabis products, as well as company authorisation for the preparation of cannabis intermediate products.

Learn about medical cannabis

Get a thorough introduction to medical cannabis and its effect on the body. We provide you with an overview and the chance to dive into the research.

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Do you have questions about medical cannabis? See if you can find the answer in our Q&A.



There is a lot of research on medical cannabis. We've compiled a selection of important research papers.

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Introducing Canopy Health Innovations

Our clinical department, Canopy Healthcare Innovations (CHI), is engaged in the research, development and quality assurance of medical cannabis.

Spectrum Cannabis wants to be an active participant in the medical cannabis research community in Denmark. We are interested in both preclinical and clinical trials, which can contribute new knowledge.

Our Products

See which products from Spectrum Cannabis that are currently available for Danish patients by prescription from your doctor.

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